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No pressure- if you want to help with our alternative building / alternative architecture / aquaponics & offgrid project, use the donate button to make a contribution.

It’s been ten years since the start of the project, and its only partway done- periods of up to two years at a time have been spent away for work, and while here the materials budget is often only a few hundred dollars a month. (Building with earth bags is cheap, and ferrocement while laborious is not terribly expensive in terms of materials. Many who grow up in this area complain there is no work so many who can leave, do leave- and outsiders come to leave the rat race… But partly because of these things, the area is ideal for low costs of goods and services. Property is still less than a thousand dollars an acre and at the local grocery one can get four bags of produce and other staples for twenty dollars, whereas in places like California, you’d pay three or four times as much for a single bag. The job market for moderate or high income earners is virtually nonexistent here, and even if you start your own business, the locals tend not to spend very much of their money, for its in short supply. I’ve spent up to two years at a stretch working out-of-state in California to make enough money to purchase materials. The original focus was to build structures which heat and cool without motors, natural gas or electricity- such as the cooling tower with mist emitters which work on water pressure alone. Heating with an attached greenhouse and building a rocket mass stove…

At any rate, the building of this offgrid project is a slow process, done when time and money allow. All contributions are earmarked for supporting the development of the projects described on the pages of this site.

Thank you!


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