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Doorway from kitchen to hall
Top of doorway and wall from kitchen to hall
Tiled shower with bench through which runs the exhaust from the rocket mass stove.
More tile work, prior to grouting.
Bathroom sink, tiled walls, slate floor
Leveling the slate floor
Laying the flooring in one square foot blocks, one block at a time.
I used thin set mortar to adhere natural slate tile to concrete pavers so that I could build and install my floor one square foot at a time
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Above: some of the individual tiles- the plan is to clear coat these after grouting the floor. One of the benefits of laying up flooring this way is that I can easily remove tiles one square foot at a time to run or access pipe and conduit. Plus I simply didn’t have the money all at once to pour a concrete slab, so doing it piecemeal seemed a practical solution. The natural slate has a rough surface which I wanted for the bathroom floor to help prevent slipping. Also the tiles, though just about the cheapest one square foot tile you can get at the Home Depot, helps add to the ‘beautiful and functional’ theme of how I like to do things.

Above: closeup of a floor tile.Above: uncurled sealer on the natural slate tile.

[caption id="attachment_1245" align="alignnone" width="1280"]IMG_7182 Maggie the great pyrenees and me, 2017