2016 updates (slideshow)

Below are some scenic images of the place with some paint on it… Still a work in progress, but looking more like finished art at this point…

Attached Greenhouse

Built from a low perimeter wall and having painted CPVC pipe as a frame, I built this 1,000 square foot greenhouse. I’ve used mostly clear polycarbonate panels, some translucent white ones on the… Continue reading

Earthbag Building Project

And so it begins- Bags filled with crushed rock and laid into shallow trenches comprise the foundation of this 20 by 50 foot structure. I don’t have to worry about frost upheavel because… Continue reading

Vaulted Dome Roof Project

ected and coated with an adobe/paper/lime render, it was time to get underway with the roof. First I made a scale model of the building and the proposed arching trusses which were fabricated… Continue reading

Burlapcrete Explained

[papercreters] Burlap-Crete   Burlapcrete is basically loose-weave burlap, soaked in a modified rapid setting cement. Is there any advantage to using burlapcrete instead of exterior plywood sheathing? ┬áThe potential advantages are: it doesn’t… Continue reading

The Process of making and applying paper / adobe / lime stucco

Loading one of two 1,100 pound bales of shredded, recycled paper into the big blue beast. The local city agreed to sell me a literal ton of paper for $41 including loading it.… Continue reading

Water Catchments & Cisterns

Includes various free, helpful online calculators for determining rainfall in your area, amount of rain you could collect from your roof based upon your roof’s size, and a cistern sizing calculator as well.… Continue reading

Insulation & Thermal Mass of Paper-Adobe

My fascination with paper adobe / papercrete has always been with making a dense mix because insulation is only a part of the equation which leads to energy conservation and comfortable living. Insulation… Continue reading

About Me

building & remodeling, and property management. Strong interest in alternative construction techniques that fundamentally make sense even if the ‘how-to’ phase hasn’t been accepted into building codes- because code allows so many people… Continue reading

Round House

The forty foot diameter of the home gives a square footage of 1,200. The interior space feels much larger because the entire space is open and you can see forty feet to the… Continue reading